PWYW (as it is abbreviated) are commissions where you choose what you want to pay. You pick a price and characters and I will work on it based on my (private) hourly rates, so the more you pay the longer I will work on your commission! Artistic liberty means that I choose the pose, the theme, etc. I cannot do a PWYW commission without it being artistic liberty!


- You should not ask me to choose a price or define what you will get in return for the price. I will not disclose what people have paid for their commissions nor should you seek them out to ask.

-  I am happy to try work at any price point but I cannot guarantee I will be able to create a finished product for low price points.

- No work in progress will be sent unless I decide to send them, any incorrect markings and mistakes will be fixed at the end but I cannot; clean up artefacts, create alternative versions/edits or move parts unless I am paid for the time it takes to do so. (a minimum of £10)

- You are able to provide one prompt word (or multiple solely to describe a single thing i.e. impact play) or a photo reference (such as specific gear, clothing or objects you would like included). For things that may be held or worn, you should specify which you would prefer.

If your interested in this type of commission, please click the button below!